Why collaborative divorce?


Going through a divorce can be a painful and expensive experience. Many people assume the process of terminating a marriage has to include increasing conflict, heightened trauma for the children and devastated finances. Collaborative Divorce offers you an alternative process.

Collaborative family law recognizes that, unlike most lawsuits, divorces and other family law matters involve relationships that have long histories. Many of these connections will also need to extend well into the future, especially when children are involved. The traditional court-based divorce process is not set up with these relationships in mind.

Collaborative Divorce Professionals (CDP) is a highly experienced and specially trained collaborative team that includes attorneys, financial and retirement professionals, child specialists and divorce coaches who promote the use of collaborative practice to resolve family matters in a non-adversarial manner.

When you enter the collaborative process, you agree to stay out of court and make your own decisions. The collaborative divorce team will help you make well-informed decisions as you go through the collaborative process and complete your divorce. This process is often less expensive than traditional adversarial divorce and may even bring a speedier resolution because there is no need for multiple court hearings or a trial.

The end result is a more respectful and productive way to resolve disputes.

To find out more about collaborative divorce, contact one of the collaborative professionals listed on our “Team Members” page.

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