What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is a positive solution-oriented approach to divorce that allows the divorcing couple and their respective attorneys to reach an agreement without the threat of going to court. As a divorcing spouse in a collaborative divorce, you will not be asking the court to determine your fate. Instead, the divorcing couple will work together with the team to decide what is best for their family.

The team of collaborative professionals encourages open communication and mutual respect. The process will:

  • Utilize problem-solving techniques
  • Seek to identify and brainstorm solutions that are acceptable to both spouses
  • Offer support when you need it most
  • Prioritize the needs of any children

More than the traditional court-based legal approach, collaborative divorce offers a team approach using skilled and compassionate professionals. You may have concerns over your children’s well-being or your future financial security. This process allows a child specialist, financial accountant or analyst, pension attorney, communication coach, or others to ease these concerns and assist you and your collaborative divorce attorney. Your attorney offers legal advice and expertise on the judicial process and understands your needs.

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